Answered Prayers Book (includes shipping)

Deborah and Josh were married 730 days, then God came calling. Find out what happened before and after God’s call.

“I am going to die in this place,” Deborah cried.

I tried to convince Deborah to be patient, that God had a plan for why all of this was happening. Of course, I had absolutely no clue what that plan might be or what it might even look like. She wasn’t buying my positive mental attitude approach to the situation. So much for Dale Carnegie!

Like most people, Josh Taylor assumed his life would follow the “plan.” High school and college graduation, good job, marriage, kids, retirement, grandkids. Success! Then reality hit like a ballpeen hammer.

In Answered Prayers, Taylor shares his story and wrestles with questions like:

• How do I support a loved one who’s suffering?
• How do I stay faithful when everything tells me to run?
• How does God answer prayer?

It’s a true story of joy, suffering, perseverance, and hope. Most importantly, it demonstrates God’s providence and presence—
even when life gets hard.